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Odyssey Road Rally

Div I Sacred Heart School
Div II St. Mary's School
Div III Centennial Secondary School


Div I Langley Fine Arts
Div II Moody Middle School

The Wonderful Muses

Div II South Slope Elementary School
Div III Langley Fine Arts

Tee Structure

Div I Eagle Ridge Elementary School
Div II Summit Middle School

The Eccentrics!

Div I Sacred Heart School
Div II Sacred Heart School
Div III Gleneagle Secondary School


Outstanding Omers


Catherine, Marzuqa and Matthew from the Eagle Ridge Elementary each won Omer Awards for their dedication. These 3 students exemplify the "Go For It" behaviour and spirit that Odyssey of the Mind is all about. After spending more than 2 months searching for a Coach and full team, they asked if they could enter the qualifying tournament with only 3 people and no Coach.

These three grade 3 and 4 students took full responsibility for getting themselves through to the Provincial Tournament. They call their own practices, and managed to talk their teachers into letting them use their silent reading time to work independently out in the hallway, cutting and gluing their structure and putting together a skit.

Omer would be proud of them - they demonstrate the commitment, self-direction , teamwork and spirit that he and the Odyssey of the Mind program represent.