Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

Problem 1: Nature Trail'R

Div I Aspenwood Elementary School
Div II Coquitlam Open Learning
Div III Burnaby Central Secondary

Problem 2: Return to The Gift of Flight

Div I Eagle Ridge Challenge Centre

Problem 3: Discovered Treasures

Div I Eagle Ridge Elementary School
Div II Kwayhquitlum Middle School
Div III Burnaby South Secondary School

Problem 4: Column Structure

Div I Aspenwood Elementary School
Div II Davie Jones Elementary School
Div III Port Moody Secondary School

Problem 5: Food Court

Div I Queen of Angels School
Div II Queen of Angels School
Div III Gleneagle Secondary School


Ranatra Fusca Award

In Odyssey of the Mind creativity is valued over success. The highest honour a team can receive is the Ranatra Fusca Award for creativity and any team receiving it is automatically eligible to compete at the World Finals. Two Ranatra Fuscas were awarded this year:

The team from: Mundy Road Elementary - Gift of Flight - Div I

Their use of mechanical means to accomplish both propulsion and retrieve their objects, the design of their catapult, and their implementation of the balloons to achieve neutral buoyancy was exceptional and exhibited the spirit of the Ranatra Fusca.

A team member from: Queen of Angels - Discovered Treasures - Div I

For developing his own formula for bronze make-up and thinking ahead for a formula that looks great and will wash off. When the staging area judge reminded him that he needed foot covering Thomas found sandals and thought to dye them to match his make up.


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