Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

By now your teams should be working hard on the solution for their long term problems. As a coach it is important to encourage your team members to listen carefully to what their teammates concerns and ideas are. Should you see a person's ideas being over looked, it is appropriate to direct that team member to repeat what was said. This will encourage the team to work cohesively and to ponder their problem from the perspectives of the whole team.

Although coaches are not involved in solving the long term problem, we are integral in training the team to solve spontaneous problems. As you provide the team with a variety of opportunities for spontaneous problem solving, don't forget to have the team debrief their solutions. This will allow the team to consider a variety of solutions. Again it gives you a chance to build the team cohesiveness.

Here is a spontaneous problem called Chain Bridge (319 kB - PDF) that you can give to a your team this week for practice.