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Next time your team practices – get out the video camera and tape them. Then have them watch. The next step is for them to become a Critic. (Be careful with this – the kids need to critique themselves- please don’t jump in with your ‘helpful’ ideas!)

I found a checklist for Critiquing a Play on-line and pared it down to a checklist that your team members might want to use.

Theme of the play (main subject matter or message of the play) -----------------

Plot outline:

  • Start
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Ending
  • Result


  • Is it expressed in the scenery, lighting, costuming, sound effects, music (EX: gloomy, cheery, cold, surreal, simplistic, realistic, etc)?

Technical Evaluation

  • Setting
  • Lighting
  • Costuming
  • Makeup

Acting Evaluation

  • Were the actors convincing in their roles?
  • Did all characters work together to create ensemble or did some detract by not doing what they should?
  • How did voice/movement impact on believability?
  • Did the actors underplay or overplay their parts?

Directorial Evaluation

  • Could everything be seen properly?
  • Could everything be heard properly?
  • Were any aspects of the production confusing?