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You will receive long term, spontaneous and style RAW scores, meaning that they are not scored in relation to the other teams.

What does a score of 5 out of 10 mean? Is that a bad score?

5 out of 10 does not necessarily mean that your team did poorly on the task. It is critical to view the score from the Judges point of view.

Scoring Scale If a category is 1-10 some judges will mentally use a grid that looks like this-

1- totally missed the mark
3- needs a lot of work
5- is ok
7- is pretty good
10- outstanding

However most judges will not award a 10 because if they see a better solution later in the days judging they have nowhere to go! They can’t give an 11.

In my opinion if your team received a score of less than half the available score then they should concentrate on those items.

How do you help your team figure out where to spend their time?

1. work backwards from the scoring grid for your problem. Take a look at each score and check it against your tournament raw score. Then ask these questions about each of those low scoring items:

    Was this item so unfinished that the judges were unable to score it properly?
    Did we completely misunderstand what we were supposed to have done?
    Did the judges understand what we were presenting?
    Were the forms clearly written so that the judges knew exactly what we wanted judged?
    Did we explain to the judges anything they may have missed?

2. READ the Program Guide for explanations

    Spirit of the Problem
    Membership sign
    Forms (what you need is listed in your problem and don’t forget the form in B13 (even though it says you ‘should’ provide it – do it! It makes the judges job that much easier)
    Rules that Apply to all Problems: things you can and cannot do

Some of your low scores can be avoided if, when reading the scoring grid and problem you ensure that you look up any words that are italisied. These words have specific Odyssey of the Mind definitions that will be found in the Glossary at the end of your problem and/or in the Program Guide Glossary.

A reminder about Outside Assistance. Watching other teams perform has hopefully helped your team understand how Odyssey looks and inspired everyone to improve their solution, but don’t COPY anything you saw as that would be outside assistance. In any case just because you saw another team do something doesn’t mean that it’s ‘right’ - you never know - the team may have received a penalty for what they did.