Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

Does your team have a Program Guide expert? A Score expert? A Rules Expert? You might think about it- here is a ‘job’ description of each:


  • reads the Program guide cover to cover.
  • doesn’t know everything but knows where to look!

Do you know QUIZ… What is the definition of a PROP? This is the one time you don't use a dictionary! Use the Program Guide GLOSSARY. Last year, many teams lost points because they did not use the Odyssey definition of this and many other words (see Touch/Touching).

SCORE Expert:

  • ensures that the team works on the areas where they will get maximum score
  • fills out all the forms, especially the Style form to ensure max. points

Do you know QUIZ… How much is the membership sign worth?

RULES Expert

  • know the rules and makes sure that the team abides by them - constantly asks the team
  • they rule says…what do you think we can do to be different? More in keeping with our theme? Get a higher score?

Do you know QUIZ… Can we take a toolbox (to fix anything that might have broken in transit) into the staging area?