Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

Problem of the week

Your Problem is to tell a story, each person continuing the story. Bonus points will be given for demonstrating what is happening in the story with your hands.

For example, “One day I walked into the woods…” and you walk your fingers along the table top.


  • 1-10 points how much the story make sense
  • Bonus 1 point = simple hand movement
  • 3 points = more movement(s)
  • 5 points = more complex

Judges: the score

  • 1-4 the story rambles, every team member leaves of with or begins “and then”
  • 5-7 bit more coherent but team members are left stranded by the story
  • 7-10 good story, team works as a team


  • 1 point = uses one hand as in walking across the desk
  • 3 points = uses two hands, one hand is the legs the other is the torso
  • 5 points = one hand is walking the other is a tree in the woods