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How do you join Odyssey of the Mind?

First your school or community group needs a membership.

Regular school or group memberships are $150 CDN and include the full version of all of the problems, eligibility for one team in each problem and division to compete at the tournaments, and discounts on fun stuff like Spontaneous Attack and Fun Day. Each membership needs a coordinator to be our main point of contact for the team(s) in your school or community group. (Check the registration page for special membership rates and categories)

Hold meetings with teachers and parents to give them a brief explanation of the program. Show them the video or information brochures. Explain that you will need other adults to help you with the program – they can help a little or a LOT! It’s also a good idea to do a presentation at your PAC meeting and have them try a spontaneous problem. As well as being the contact for parent coaches, many PAC groups assist with funding towards supporting Odyssey at their schools.

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How do you make a team?

Meet with all students at the school to whom you are going to offer the Odyssey of the Mind program. Explain the program or show the awareness video. If some students have already done Odyssey, have them take part in the presentation – they can bring their costumes, props, vehicles, etc. to show. For those children who are interested, have them take an info sheet home to their parents. Here is a sample info sheet. [ PDF - 135 kB ]

OdysseyoftheMind24Call a lunch or after school meeting for all students who want to be on an Odyssey of the Mind team. Explain about the time commitment and review this year’s problems in a bit more depth. Emphasize selecting a problem that suits you, rather than just going along with friends. Have each student fill in an "Odyssey of the Mind Sign Up". Here is a sample sign-up sheet. [ PDF - 66 kB ]

Have a "Try-It-Out Time" or Odyssey Club. Let students have the opportunity to try out some practice problems before asking them to make a commitment to a team. Do some spontaneous verbal and hands-on problems at lunch time or after school with all the students who are interested. This will also help weed-out students who aren’t prepared to commit some time to the program.

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Special offer Membership Categories

$50 High School (Grade 9-12 only) One Team Only Fee (e-binder materials)

$30 Primary Team - K-2 One team only (e-binder materials)

$50 University (Division 4) One Team Only Fee (e-binder materials)

$100 Additional Membership for the same school or community group (does not include a second set of original problem materials/newsletter
$35 Late registration for applications received after Dec. 31, 2017 (if approved)

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