Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

Awareness (What is Odyssey?) Session

There is no charge for these sessions, but please register so we have enough materials and handouts for everyone. Click this link to see what sessions are currently available:
Awareness - "What is Odyssey?" Online Registration

If you would like an Awareness Session at YOUR school, fill out the Book an Awareness Session Request Form to let us know your needs and our Awareness Coordinator will get back to you with a plan.

Odyssey Membership Registration

Please note: Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS), which sponsors Odyssey in B.C. has a “No School Left Out” policyas we do not want kids to miss out on the chance to participate in the OM Program.  If you are in need of financial assistance to pay for a membership, we do have a limited amount of funding available. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know. 

This is where it all starts! To take out an Odyssey of the Mind Membership for your school REGISTER HERE.

School and/or Community Group/Homeschool Memberships
$150 CDN and include the full version of all six problems, team participation* in the Qualifying ans Provincial tournaments, coaches' training, and discounts on fun stuff like Spontaneous Attack and Fun Day. Each membership needs a coordinator to be our main point of contact for the team(s) in your school or community group.
$100 Additional Membership for the same school or community group (only necessary if you wanted to enter more than one team in a problem division)

* A membership is entitled to enter one team per problem per division housed in the school. e.g. a K-7 School, could enter 5 Div 1 (K-5) teams, 5 Div 2(Gr 6-8) teams, and unlimited Primary (K-2) teams.

3 or more Memberships from the same School District?
  A discounted rate is available for School Districts that register multiple teams at the same time and before Nov 30th:
$125 each for 3-5 memberships
$100 each for 6 or more memberships

Optional Special offer Membership Categories:
$50 High School (Grade 9-12 only) One Team Only Fee
$30 Primary Team - K-2 One team only
$50 University (Division 4) One Team Only Fee
$35 Late registration for applications received after Dec. 31, 2015 (if approved)

Annual Consent Form (to register your child)

To participate in Odyssey of the Mind or any CPSS event, parents must give consent for students to participate. This information is required for all students for their safety and for the convenience of event organizers and is kept confidential except in the event of emergency. Consent form »

Team Registration

You will need to REGISTER YOUR TEAM online to compete in the tournaments. (There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for this!) This form should be completed as soon after the team has been finalized and begun discussion on their long term solution (at which time the team members' names cannot be changed). Deadline for registering your team is January 15, 2017.

Membership Coordinators have received directions how to register their school's/ group's teams including a password to log into the coaches corner on our website. If you are a coach and haven't received those information yet, please contact your school's Membership Coordinator.

Once your team has formed please let parents know that they must submit their consent in order for their child to participate in any of our events (i.e. Fun Day, Spontaneous Attack, tournaments). The link to our Annual Consent Form can be found on our website. Thanks for your help with this!

Spontaneous Attack

Learn more about Spontaneous Attack »

Only open for Odyssey of the Mind member schools! The team rotates through several stations working on a variety of spontaneous problems. They get a feel for what it will be like to be judged, and receive tips from experienced judges on how to improve and how to succeed in Spontaneous.

Registration deadline is January 9, 2017. As this event usually sells out please register early to avoid disappointment.

***STATION LEADERS WANTED! If you are an experienced coach or Spontaneous Judge please consider running a station for half the day/ all day. The number of teams admitted to this event depends on the number of station leaders.

Register here »

Judges Registration

Each year, five new competitive Odyssey of the Mind problems are presented. Some of the problems are more technical in nature (such as building a vehicle that has to overcome several challenges, or building a Balsa-wood structure which has to hold weights), while others are artistic or performance based. Under the guidance of a coach, teams work on solving these long-term problems.The "grand finale" comes in form of two tournaments in the spring, where trained judges evaluate and applaud the team's solutions.Those judges are the "heart" of our competitions. It's amazing to see the innovative problem solutions students come up with after spending weeks and months working on their problem. Long-Term-Problems are quite complex, and often seem almost overwhelming to children at the very beginning. Seeing the final products and learning more about the problem solving process through interaction with the team is something that makes it so interesting and rewarding for our judges - one of the reasons why many judges come back to volunteer year after year.

If you are interested in judging for Odyssey, please read over the information here. Judges are critical to the success of the competitions and we welcome your participation.
Judges must be at least 19 years old and not attending high school.

Register here »

Coaches Training

We are offering a variety of sessions for new and experienced coaches. The first Coaches Training took place during our "Fun Day" event with more than 30 new coaches attending. The second and final training session is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2017. Location: Buckingham Elementary. 6066 Buckingham Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E 2A4 [ Map ]

For more information regarding the offered workshops please check out this flyer »

Register here »

Volunteer Registration

Help us bring more Creativity to the World! Do you like working with kids from Kindergarten to University? Do you have an hour a day, week, month? If the answer is yes then please volunteer to help.
Please check out volunteer opportunities and sign up online or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you.

CPSS Membership Registration

Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS), which is a 100% Canadian non-profit and registered charity, proudly sponsors the Odyssey of the Mind program and numerous other Creative Problem Solving events in British Columbia. Please take out a membership (cost is $5) to show your support for our programs.
CPSS Membership Application »

Fun Day

Learn more about the Odyssey of the Mind program and develop creative problem solving skills. Students will build, create and invent in a variety of workshops while using recycled materials and their own imaginations to create fantastic solutions to problems. Adults can attend the Odyssey of the Mind Coaches Training workshop (NEW and experienced coaches). We will also run an Awareness & Information Session for parents and teachers who are wondering how to get the program started at their school, or how to get their child involved. Please check out the 2016 flyer for all the details.

Cost for Students:  (Prices include a recess snack and pizza/drink for lunch.)

  • $25 per student from Odyssey Member Schools (or whose parent is a member of CPSS)**
  • $35 per student from non-Odyssey Member Schools**

** Parents may purchase a $5 CPSS membership and get the discounted rate at time of registration. 

No cost for attending the Awareness Session or Coaches Training. However, registration is required for COACHES TRAINING.

Jabber-Wacky Summer Camps

Summer is just around the corner and once again, our Jabber-Wacky Camps are coming to a location near you. Cost is $195/ week, and camps run from 9 am to 3 pm. For dates and more information please visit our camp site »