What is Odyssey?

What is Odyssey?

Since 1979, Odyssey of the Mind has been challenging Kindergarten to University aged students to utilize their creativity to solve problems. Teams in groups of 5-7 students’ work together incorporating construction, design and engineering into their theatrical based solution.

Every year, Odyssey International publishes a series of long term problems that teams choose which one they want to perform their solution for in regional and then possibly International World competitions.

In addition to the Long term solution that takes teams sometimes months to create, the day of competition also includes Spontaneous problem solving. Teams are given time based challenges and rewarded for team work, creativity and points.

Why Odyssey of the Mind?

Today’s children gravitate to screens or games where the rules are predetermined. Odyssey challenges them to think outside the box, find a way to create and figure out if it doesn’t say you can’t do it then how can you do it? Odyssey is for students of all ages and at all levels of learning. By solving problems creatively every student becomes more engaged in their learning.

The Long term problems are very challenging and will sometimes take months for teams to work through and then showcase in an eight minute skit for judges. They can choose between building vehicles, building technical engineer based machines, literature, social or architectural weight bearing structures.

At competition, teams are provided Spontaneous challenges where they race against the clock to provide a solution. They are rewarded for their creativity, team work and solutions.

Students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems — great and small — for a lifetime. Because there are no wrong solutions, teams are free to take calculated risks in attempting to solving the problem.

Who is Odyssey of the Mind?

Internationally. Creative Competitions, Inc. (CCI) is a private company owned by the founder of Odyssey, Dr. Sam Micklus and his family. CCI also organizes the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Competition. Learn more about Odyssey of the Mind International »

In British Columbia, Odyssey of the Mind is sponsored by the non-profit and federally registered organization, Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS). CPSS purchases the yearly problems from Creative Competitions Inc. CCI, in turn, organizes the World Finals where teams from Canada are eligible to compete. CPSS is wholly volunteer organized and run. CPSS also hosts Camps and workshops. Learn more about CPSS »

For Schools and Clubs. At the school level, teams are generally coached by parents and/or teachers who meet with the students on a weekly basis. This varies from school to school – some use Odyssey of the Mind as part of their curriculum and for others it is an extracurricular program. Schools or Groups purchase a membership which entitles them to enter into competition.

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